Nursing Care

Nursing Care is offered at Mecare Home Health, Inc.

A plan of care will be designed especially for you or your loved one at home. This Nursing Care Plan is based on your physician's recommendations after you have been discharged from the hospital. It will hold guidelines, medication schedules and dosages, and care procedures that ensure the continuity of care until your health is maintained or restored to normalcy.

We attend to patients who fall under the following conditions:
  • - Patient chooses to continue recovery at home
  • - Patient is prescribed by the physician to receive nursing care
  • - Patient is required to be under the care of a Registered Nurse or a Nursing Aide who operates under the supervision of a Registered Nurse
  • - Patient is rendered home-bound after a diagnosis of an illness, an injury, a disability or old age

To inquire more about Nursing Care, please call (972) 331-8166.

Mecare Home Health, Inc. is committed to meeting the care need of Patients, Physicians and Clients in providing comprehensive Home Health Care by highly trained and qualified caregivers while maintaining the highest standard of care, integrity and dignity.
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